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Lenovo G550 with Windows 7 – windows update cannot currently search for updates

Montag, April 21st, 2014

It is really a joke that even today still happen such errors. A customer brought me a Lenovo G550, where the hard drive was defective and had to be replaced. So far, so good, I was able to save the data. I built a new hard drive (currently expensive affair, ostensibly because of the flood in Thailand, where many hard disk manufacturers), and installed Windows 7 with an original CD Windows 7. Then the drivers were installed and then I started the WinFuture update pack, so I have not downloaded all the updates separately. It is really more practical, as it would be saves a great deal of time plus the users receives their desktops earlier from their hometown pc service preise (mehr …)

Tami Reller: Windows 8.1 kommt als kostenloses Update

Sonntag, April 20th, 2014


Microsoft wird Windows 8.1 alias Windows Blue noch in diesem Jahr als kostenloses Update zu Windows 8 veröffentlichen. Das kündigte Tami Reller an, Finanzchefin von Microsofts Windows-Sparte.

Mit Windows 8.1, das unter dem Codenamen Windows Blue entwickelt wird, will Microsoft auf die Kritik an Windows 8 eingehen. Vermutlich wird mit Windows 8.1 der Startknopf zurückkehren und ein direktes Starten in den Desktop möglich sein. (mehr …)